What kind of border should I add?

Your Legit Kits top is done. You have the perfect spot for it...but ...something is missing? Maybe you should put a border on it? Yes! A border! But what kind? Or maybe you knew all along you wanted a border, but still haven't decided if a solid color or pieced would look good. 

The second most common email we receive is for ideas on borders. That's hard to answer because if you ask 10 people what kind of border they would put on a top, you'll get 20 different answers. 

Below is a showcase of the different borders our quilters have put on their Legit Kits quilts. Pieced borders, single borders, double borders, even asymmetrical borders look great! We hope you find inspiration. Check back from time to time as we hope to add more photos. 

Would you like your bordered Legit Kits quilt featured on this page? Email 1 photo showing the entire quilt to laurette@legitkits.com

 Lucy Loo by Kim de Young 

Starry Night by Ginger Hildred


Old School Rule by Debbie Lombardi


Mini Rose by Cherie Fisher

Legit Caribou by Katie Strother

BJ the Blue Jay by Rita Keegan

Legit Cardinal by Debbie Lombardi


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