Omaha Quilt Show Winner!

We offer a free Legit Kit of your choice if you make one of our kits and it wins a ribbon at a quilt show. Simply send us a photo of you with the quilt and the ribbon along with details about the quilt show. 

We recently received this wonderful note and photos of Janet who won not one but two ribbons at the Omaha, Neb., quilt show. Below is the note we received. It's so exciting so see our designs come to life and mean so much to the makers. Thanks, Janet, we appreciate you being on Team Legit.


Dear Mike,

Here are the pictures from the Omaha Quilt Show 2022 that you requested.   You have my permission to use them however you wish. 

I first became acquainted with Legit Kits when I ran across a picture of Margo the Boxer on Instagram. I immediately said, “that’s my Daisy!!” for I had a 10-year-old boxer who looked just like her. I ordered the pattern right away. I knew that I would be changing the background color so I opted to use my own fabric instead of the kit. Out of the 74 fabrics required, I had all but 11 of them in my stash. I started the quilt with a couple background blocks and then I set about doing the eyes, the hardest part. I like to get the difficult part over first. As soon as I got those first few rows completed I posted my progress on Instagram. You were very positive about my work and that meant so much.

About that time you asked for testers for the breathtaking eagle project, Land of the Free. I applied and I received an email that “I was in!” I received my test kit shortly thereafter and dove right in to my assigned blocks. I had a section of the wings that I was very worried about all lining up correctly. To my surprise, they did!  That’s the magic of  Legit Kits process. It just works, along with some Magic Fork Pins that I used to pin sections together. I finished my eagle in about three-four months, then I went back to Daisy and finished her as well. I am very proud of both of these quilts. The eagle honors my Dad who served in the Army in WWII and my father-in-law who served in the Air Force USO as well as many neighbors and friends who currently serve or have served. Daisy the Boxer honors my loving boxer who passed away last year at 10 years old  just before I started the quilt. 

Thank you so much for the offer of a free Legit Kit! I would like to choose the Legit Monarch. Not only is this so beautiful, but we live in Papillion, Neb., which means butterfly in French, as you probably know. The Monarch is the symbol of our city and one of the high schools here.  

I would also like to pass an invite to you from the organizers of the show to vend at our Omaha Quilt Guild Show next year. It is usually held each year about the third weekend in June. It coincides with the College World Series that is held in Omaha at the same time. 

I hope to see you at a show some day  I’d love to meet the genius behind Legit Kits. Take Care and thanks for the recognition. 


Janet K.

Papillion, Neb.


Land of the Free—Eagle