Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we hear. This post will be updated from time to time with more information.

What stitch length and thread should I use?

I use a shorter stitch length of about 1.5 on my machine. This makes the paper easy to tear off and ensures the stitches won’t show or peek through on the right side of the quilt. For thread, I use a 50 wt cotton, but really any all-purpose cotton thread will do. – Jaymi Horne, certified instructor

According to quilters in our facebook group, popular thread weights are 50, 60 and with some even using 80wt. The thinner threads to help reduce bulk in the seams.

Popular needle sizes are 70 and 80.

I miscut a piece of fabric/ the dog ripped it up/ my grandkid made fabric hearts and now I don’t have enough to finish my block.

If you purchased your kit or fabric pack from Legit Kits website or our booth just drop us an note through our Contact Us page and let us know what kit you’re working on, the color you need and the blocks you need to finish and we’ll send you replacement fabric.

If you purchased a fabric kit from a website, quilt shop, or a booth that wasn’t Legit Kits, you will need to contact that shop/vendor directly for fabric replacement. We do not extend the Enough Fabric Guarantee to third party fabric kits.

How do I flatten this bulky seam where several pieces come together?

Jaymi Horne, one of our certified instructors, offers these tips.

  • Remove paper from seam allowances and any tight angles before pressing.
  • Press seams open when possible.
  • Use a hammer. No, seriously! Use a press cloth to protect your fabric, and tap lightly.
  • Use a weight such as a tailor’s clapper. Even just a piece of wood or heavy book will work. Or, use your iron upright as a weight on top of an acrylic ruler. 

Do you offer classes or retreats?

Yes we do. They are organized and led by our awesome team of Certified Instructors. You can find a listing of classes and retreats here. Hope to see you there!

Do your kits have Y seams?

No. All of our patterns are Y seam free. Hard to believe but it’s true. And for those of you who love Y seams, we’re sorry to disappoint.

I’m putting together these two pieces and there’s no way they will fit, I mean, look at them! 

They will go together. Check out this short video of how to pin and sew and they will open up to fit exactly as they should. Trust the process.

Should I cut the big pieces or the little pieces first?

Cut the big pieces first, then the next largest, on down through the medium sized and save the smallest pieces for last.

I don’t have an assembly guide for this block.

Not all blocks will have an assembly guide. Blocks that fill the whole page can be sewn all in one go and won't need an assembly guide.  Only blocks that are broken into sections that are later sewn together will have assembly guides.

I lost the paper for block C3b, could you send it to me?

Sure can! Just shoot us an email.

How should I quilt this?

Here is a blog post for quilting inspiration. Photos are added from time to time.

What kind of border ideas do you have?

Here is a blog post for border inspiration. Photos are added from time to time.

Could you do a poodle or newfoundland?

While we love dogs and cats as much as the next quilter, we have no plans to do any more breed specific designs of either dogs or cats.

Could you do a Baby Yoda or the Rolling Stones lips?

I’m sorry, to do those designs requires a license agreement which we don't have.

Do you do custom designs?

We do not, sorry.

Is there such a thing as the Quilt Police?

No. I asked Santa and confirmed with the Tooth Fairy and they both said the Quilt Police aren't real. So do asymmetrical borders on your top, tie it instead of quilting it or bind it with lime green neutral. No judgment here. In fact, send us a pic!

I love to snack on Cheetos while I piece. How do I keep the orange dust off my fingers and fabric?

Get a pair of those antique tongs that are used for sugar cubes at tea time. Or switch to M&Ms.

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